Heaven’s Hands for Harmony is based in beautiful Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  I, Cathy Waite, am committed to serving others by helping them align their thoughts and lives with personal and universal truths.  Using universal principles of spirituality, Reiki, energy medicine, healing touch, body and mind awareness, I offer practical tools for helping you lead a joyous, abundant and healthy life. My services support individual, family and community needs.

I encourage each person to strengthen their connection to the Source of wholeness within and remind you that you are never alone, always loved and desired. … at every point in your life.   I encourage personal and spiritual growth through mindful awareness, healing touch, loving intentions, blessings, affirmations and action.

Wherever you may be at this moment in life, Cathy, is passionate about sharing her gifts and supporting you on your path of personal growth, health and abundance.

Cathy invites you to benefit from her services- increasing the flow of Love, Energy and Wholeness  in your life – through her various therapeutic offerings, community outreach efforts, energy healing and her loving and kind way.